Tongue tied?

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Tongue tied, bump in your mouth that annoys you? If we have ever talked to you about a “frenectomy” or “fibroma” and seeing a specialist about having it removed, we have good news for you! We now have a soft tissue laser so we can take care of it right here in the office from now on.

Drs. Meyer and Harris have introduced to the office the Discus NV Microlaser-soft tissue laser in the spring after we attended the Chicago Dental Society Midwinter meeting. This laser can be used for a frenectomy-the removal or loosening of frenums located under the tongue or attaching your upper lip to your gums; gingivectomy-the removal of excess gum tissue creating a better smile line.

In other words, for example, those annoying bumps on the inside of you cheek or lips can now be removed. Tired of biting your lip, we can remove it right here in the office. Or, if you can’t stick your tongue out very far or touch the roof of your mouth with your tongue, most likely you have a very “tight” frenum. This could be adjusted with the laser to allow more range of motion. Most often, all that is needed is a little topical local anesthetic-no shots! One of our assistants, Megan, had this done a little while ago so feel free to ask her how it went!





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