Single-sided Deafness and Your Mouth - A New Device!

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Single Sided Deafness (SSD) is either significant or total hearing loss in just one ear. SSD is usually a permanent condition and every year there are approximately 200 new cases of SSD per million inhabitants in the world. There is no cure for permanent Single Sided Deafness, however, there are treatments available which can restore the sensation of hearing to the deaf side. There are two main treatment options available for SSD – the BAHA (a bone anchored hearing device) and the CROS aid (Contralateral Routing Of Signal) -see below.

                  (BAHA)                                           (CROS) 

There is now a new device (shown below) that has been approved to restore single-sided deafness that involves your teeth and mouth.  It helps conduct sound directly through the bones and teeth.  Not only are your teeth important for chewing up your food but they are now an anchor to hold this device in your mouth.  Isn't it amazing how much your teeth and mouth can contribute to the rest of your body? 

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