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Where can I find a Cincinnati dental office?

A proactive approach to dental care emphasizes the importance of preventing dental diseases.  It also means detecting oral health conditions early on, when they are most treatable. At Foundation Square Cosmetic Dental Group, we recommend visiting our Cincinnati dental office twice a year for a comprehensive oral examination and professional dental cleaning. It is important to maintain a consistent oral hygiene regimen between dental visits, by brushing, flossing and making the right nutritional choices. Caring for your teeth and gums at home and avoiding the temptation to skip a checkup are the best ways to maintain optimal levels of oral health.  



When you visit your local Cincinnati dental office for a routine examination and cleaning, we will begin by discussing any concerns or symptoms you may have been experiencing. Our skilled dental team will then perform a comprehensive assessment of your oral health using a keen eye and state-of-the diagnostic films. During your exam, our team will look for any early warning signs of dental irregularities. Gum disease is a prevalent oral health condition that is caused by plaque. When it is detected early, gum disease can be treated with cleanings and an improved oral hygiene regimen. Plaque is also the cause of cavities, which is another reason why it is important to remove plaque and tartar that have accumulated in the difficult to reach spots between the teeth and gums. Even with good oral hygiene habits, periodic exams and cleanings are essential to an effective preventive care plan. 

 To schedule a checkup at our Cincinnati dental office, contact Foundation Square Cosmetic Dental Group today. We’ve helped countless families in our beloved city maintain optimal oral health and we are confident we can do the same for yours. Give our office a call today. 


105 E. Fourth Street Suite 1175
Cincinnati, OH 45202
(513) 290-1144




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