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2019-02-13 45202 TMJ Dentist None
2017-12-18 Cincinnati Root Canal None
2017-10-30 Cincinnati Teeth Whitening None
2017-10-03 Cincinnati Dental Office None
2017-05-30 45202 Dental Office None
2017-04-27 Cosmetic Dentist in Cincinnati None
2017-03-27 Dentist in Cincinnati None
2017-02-28 Welcome to Fountain Square Cosmetic Dental Group! None

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2012-04-26 Early Oral Cancer Detection Helps Save Lives None
2012-04-25 Early Oral Cancer Detection Helps Save Lives None
2012-03-22 Sport Injuries To Your Mouth - What To Do??? None
2012-01-12 Single-sided Deafness and Your Mouth - A New Device! None
2011-11-01 Dental Myth Busters None
2011-10-06 A Closer Look at Dental X-rays None
2011-09-06 Tongue tied? None
2011-07-30 Add a Little Sparkle to Your Summer Smile! None
2011-06-23 What to Expect When Expecting None
2011-05-20 Go Red for Women 5
2011-04-12 Spotlight on Oral Cancer None
2011-03-03 Hello Chicago! 4.5
2011-02-22 Yes, we do treat children! None
2011-02-11 Your Valentine's Day Dilemma Solved! 5
2011-02-03 Your Furry Friend's Bad Breath... 5
2011-01-28 Drs. Meyer and Harris Provide Free Dental Treatment! None
2011-01-20 New Year, New You! None

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2019-01-16 Cincinnati Best Dentist None
2018-12-15 45202 Root Canal None
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2018-10-15 45202 Dentures None
2018-09-15 Cincinnati Root Canal None
2018-07-16 Where can I get Cincinnati Dental Implants? None
2018-06-16 Where can I find a Cincinnati Dental Office? None
2018-04-16 Where can I find a Dentist Office 45202? None
2018-03-16 Cosmetic Dentist in Cincinnati None
2018-03-05 Teeth Whitening Cincinnati None
2018-01-26 Cincinnati Dental Implants None
2017-08-31 45202 Dentist None
2017-08-01 Cosmetic Dentist in Cincinnati None
2017-07-05 Cincinnati Dental Office None
2011-01-07 Dr. Oz discusses the importance of oral health. None
2010-03-18 Whoopi speaks about her personal experience with periodontal disease 5


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