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Where can I find a Cincinnati dental office?

Missing teeth can impact many areas of your life, from your appearance and self-confidence to your overall well-being. In fact, an incomplete smile can make simple activities such as talking and smiling challenging. At Fountain Square Cosmetic Dental Group, we can help you to reestablish the function and appearance of a complete smile with our selection of premium crowns, bridges, implants and dentures. We warmly welcome patients to our Cincinnati dental office and look forward to becoming your trusted dental care provider.

Essentially a set of artificial teeth set in a supportive, acrylic base; dentures are an excellent solution for treating an incomplete smile. They’re custom fabricated according to the unique dimensions of your mouth and jaw to provide a comfortable and secure fit. According to recent studies, individuals with missing teeth are less likely to be socially active and have a harder time maintaining a healthy, nutritional diet as eating may present some challenges. At our Cincinnati dental office, our dentists will assess your condition and design a personalized treatment plan that reestablishes a healthy and complete smile. After taking diagnostic records and tailoring your treatment plan to meet your specific needs, your new set of teeth will be custom fabricated for a precise and comfortable fit. While they may require a little initial getting used to, you can rely on our compassionate staff to be there every step of the way as you adjust to life wearing dentures. At Fountain Square Cosmetic Dental Group, you can be confident you will receive the individualized attention you deserve. 


At Fountain Square Cosmetic Dental Group, we use advanced techniques and technology to provide you with dentures that look, feel, and function like natural teeth. If you are struggling with tooth loss, don’t wait any longer. Call our Cincinnati dental office today. Our friendly staff will be glad to help you find a convenient appointment time with our flexible scheduling options.


105 E. Fourth Street Suite 1175
Cincinnati, OH 45202
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Add a Little Sparkle to Your Summer Smile!

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Wanting to make that summer tan of yours a little darker? One way to accomplish that and avoid more UV rays is to bleach your teeth, for more contrast! There are many reasons for your teeth to become discolored or stained, most of them you can control, a few you cannot. The following is a short list of causes and cures.

1.       Drinks-Coffee and tea are the most common culprits causing staining of the teeth. Try to avoid sipping on these drinks over prolonged periods of time and try rinsing with water afterwards. This stain can be removed with regular cleanings and professional whitening treatments.

2.       Smoking/Tobacco-Smoking and chewing tobacco can have a negative effect on tooth color, gingival health, and breath. Of course, the best solution to this problem is to never start smoking or try to quit if you already do. Most of the sticky, tar-like tobacco stain can be removed during cleanings and whitening treatments can help minimize the yellowish color caused by the smoking.

3.       Dental restorations-Old silver fillings (amalgam) can tend to break down around the margins (edges) over time and can sometimes show through the enamel making the tooth look dark and gray. These restorations can be replaced with tooth colored restorations (composites) to reverse this effect.

4.       Age-Unfortunately, as we get older the outer, white layer of enamel tends to wear thin, causing the teeth to look more yellow. Porcelain veneers or dental bonding can help replace the missing outer later and restore that youthful glow.

5.       Chemicals and Medications-During tooth development as a child, certain antibiotics such as tetracycline or excess ingestion of fluoride can cause permanent tooth staining. This type of stain cannot be removed with a cleaning or bleaching; porcelain veneers or cosmetic bonding can be used to cover up the facial aspect of the tooth and give them a new face.


As always, genetics can also play a role in changing tooth colors. To keep your smile brighter and whiter, come in for regular prophylaxis cleanings and ask us about cosmetic options. Summer is the best time to give that smile a little sparkle, giving you that fresh “vacation” look!