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Where can I find a Cincinnati dental office?

Missing teeth can impact many areas of your life, from your appearance and self-confidence to your overall well-being. In fact, an incomplete smile can make simple activities such as talking and smiling challenging. At Fountain Square Cosmetic Dental Group, we can help you to reestablish the function and appearance of a complete smile with our selection of premium crowns, bridges, implants and dentures. We warmly welcome patients to our Cincinnati dental office and look forward to becoming your trusted dental care provider.

Essentially a set of artificial teeth set in a supportive, acrylic base; dentures are an excellent solution for treating an incomplete smile. They’re custom fabricated according to the unique dimensions of your mouth and jaw to provide a comfortable and secure fit. According to recent studies, individuals with missing teeth are less likely to be socially active and have a harder time maintaining a healthy, nutritional diet as eating may present some challenges. At our Cincinnati dental office, our dentists will assess your condition and design a personalized treatment plan that reestablishes a healthy and complete smile. After taking diagnostic records and tailoring your treatment plan to meet your specific needs, your new set of teeth will be custom fabricated for a precise and comfortable fit. While they may require a little initial getting used to, you can rely on our compassionate staff to be there every step of the way as you adjust to life wearing dentures. At Fountain Square Cosmetic Dental Group, you can be confident you will receive the individualized attention you deserve. 


At Fountain Square Cosmetic Dental Group, we use advanced techniques and technology to provide you with dentures that look, feel, and function like natural teeth. If you are struggling with tooth loss, don’t wait any longer. Call our Cincinnati dental office today. Our friendly staff will be glad to help you find a convenient appointment time with our flexible scheduling options.


105 E. Fourth Street Suite 1175
Cincinnati, OH 45202
(513) 290-1144

Single-sided Deafness and Your Mouth - A New Device!

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Single Sided Deafness (SSD) is either significant or total hearing loss in just one ear. SSD is usually a permanent condition and every year there are approximately 200 new cases of SSD per million inhabitants in the world. There is no cure for permanent Single Sided Deafness, however, there are treatments available which can restore the sensation of hearing to the deaf side. There are two main treatment options available for SSD – the BAHA (a bone anchored hearing device) and the CROS aid (Contralateral Routing Of Signal) -see below.

                  (BAHA)                                           (CROS) 

There is now a new device (shown below) that has been approved to restore single-sided deafness that involves your teeth and mouth.  It helps conduct sound directly through the bones and teeth.  Not only are your teeth important for chewing up your food but they are now an anchor to hold this device in your mouth.  Isn't it amazing how much your teeth and mouth can contribute to the rest of your body? 

  For more information on this device, just click on one of these links:  or

Tongue tied?

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Tongue tied, bump in your mouth that annoys you? If we have ever talked to you about a “frenectomy” or “fibroma” and seeing a specialist about having it removed, we have good news for you! We now have a soft tissue laser so we can take care of it right here in the office from now on.

Drs. Meyer and Harris have introduced to the office the Discus NV Microlaser-soft tissue laser in the spring after we attended the Chicago Dental Society Midwinter meeting. This laser can be used for a frenectomy-the removal or loosening of frenums located under the tongue or attaching your upper lip to your gums; gingivectomy-the removal of excess gum tissue creating a better smile line.

In other words, for example, those annoying bumps on the inside of you cheek or lips can now be removed. Tired of biting your lip, we can remove it right here in the office. Or, if you can’t stick your tongue out very far or touch the roof of your mouth with your tongue, most likely you have a very “tight” frenum. This could be adjusted with the laser to allow more range of motion. Most often, all that is needed is a little topical local anesthetic-no shots! One of our assistants, Megan, had this done a little while ago so feel free to ask her how it went!